Aims & scope

Especially today, important developments in the field of biotechnology require multidisciplinary and original approaches that will blend the developments in the discipline of chemistry. The European Chemistry and Biotechnology Journal (EUCHEMBIOJ) is a multidisciplinary journal for researchers and experts in both academia and industry interested in science and technology.

The topics covered in the journal cover the application areas of biotechnology such as biomedical technology, medicine, environment, agriculture, nanotechnology, as well as the application-oriented Chemistry studies in the field of chemistry and biotechnology. 

Only Research Articles are published in the European Chemistry and Biotechnology Journal:

  • Advanced technologies (genomics, proteomics, etc.)  in the field of biosciences (plant biotechnology, human / animals and microorganisms),
  • Novel protein, enzyme, antibody etc. studies in which molecules are synthesized by living organisms with up-to-date techniques (recombinant DNA technology, etc.),
  • Modern biotechnology research involving gene manipulation techniques,
  • Studies on the production of industrial products with traditional biotechnological methods,
  • Biotechnology and chemistry research for the green environment
  • Biosensor studies
  • Nanobiotechnology applications
  • Biofuel cell technology research (enzymatic fuel cells, microbial electrochemical cells, microbial fuel cells, microbial electrolysis cells)
  • Chemistry studies with application in biotechnology
  • Computational chemistry, organic synthesis, chemical engineering (catalysis, chemical reaction engineering, etc.), electrochemistry, bioelectrochemistry research, etc.
  • Applied outcomes (biotechnology) in the fields of, but not limited to, human heath, agriculture, diversity, global warming, enzyme technology, systems biology, nanobiology, biosensors 
  • Ethical, societal, legal considerations arising in one or more of the above topics

All original research articles are peer-reviewed for scientific quality and acceptance. We will not consider Reviews, Case Reports, Commentaries, Opinion Articles.

Publication content

The European Chemistry and Biotechnology Journal (EUCHEMBIOJ) contains original scientific publications. All published articles, except editorial works, are subject to a double-blind peer review process.

Aims and scope

The aim of the journal is to contribute to science by publishing high-quality publications of scientific importance. For this purpose, original research articles are published in all fields related to life science and engineering. Reviews, case reports and letters to the editor are not evaluated and published. EUCHEMBIOJ is an independent, double-blind peer-reviewed, open access and online journal that aims to publish articles in all relevant fields. Articles must describe original data that has not previously been published or submitted for publication elsewhere. Manuscripts that comply with EUCHEMBIOJ submission rules and the scope of the journal are sent to at least two referees who are experts in their field for scientific evaluation. Discussing its suitability, EUCHEMBIOJ Editorial Board members then consider reviewers' comments on each submission. The final decision for all submitted articles belongs to the Editor-in-Chief. The Editorial Board of EUCHEMBIOJ is committed to complying with the criteria of the International Council of Medical Journal Editors (ICMJE), World Association of Medical Editors (WAME) and Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE).

Subject category

Research area: Life Sciences & Biomedicine; Technology

Keywords: Agriculture; Biochemistry & Molecular Biology; Biodiversity & Conservation; Biotechnology & Applied Microbiology; Cell Biology; Environmental Sciences & Ecology; Food Science & Technology; Genetics & Heredity; Life Sciences Biomedicine Other Topics; Mathematical & Computational Biology; Medical Laboratory Technology; Microbiology; Pharmacology & Pharmacy; Toxicology; Energy & Fuels; Engineering; Materials Science; Microscopy; Science & Technology Other Topics; Spectroscopy

Publication language

Full Text Publication Language: English

Content written in English and Latin alphabet

  • Article Title: English
  • Author Name: English (Latin Alphabet)
  • Author Address: English (Latin Alphabet)
  • Keywords: English
  • Bibliography: English (Latin Alphabet)
    Full Text: English (Latin Alphabet)

Article submissions

Submitted articles must comply with the aims and scope of the journal. Original, unpublished articles that are not in the evaluation process in another journal and whose content and submission have been approved by each author are accepted for evaluation.


Target readership; They are professionals, experts, researchers, specialist and doctoral students in all fields of chemistry and biotechnology, as well as students related to this field. It aims to contribute to the dissemination of continuous professional development and research culture.

Price policy

Article publication and article processing in the journal are not subject to a fee. No processing fees or submission fees are charged for articles sent to the journal or accepted for publication.

Advertisement policy

EUCHEMBIOJ does not accept sponsorships and advertisements in accordance with its publishing policies. All expenses of EUCHEMBIOJ are covered by the editorial office.


The copyrights of the works published in EUCHEMBIOJ belong to their authors. Authors allow the intellectual work they submit to be published by EUCHEMBIOJ under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International (CC BY-NC 4.0) license.

Originality of articles

EUCHEMBIOJ does not accept manuscripts previously published elsewhere. However, sometimes articles published in a foreign language may be processed.