About the Journal

The European Chemistry and Biotechnology Journal (EUCHEMBIOJ) is an international peer-reviewed e-journal that provides a platform for researchers and industrialists interested in Chemistry and Biotechnology. Basic and applied chemistry research and applied multidisciplinary biotechnology research are the main areas of Journal’s interest.

EUCHEMBIOJ provides a platform where chemists and biotechnologists come together. We publish only original research articles, especially in the field of Chemistry and Biotechnology, which address themes such as climate change, environmental pollution, water scarcity and lack of clean water, food crisis, health, biomedical field which have become important problems in our ecosystem in recent years. All articles in EUCHEMBIOJ are published as Open Access.


The European Chemistry and Biotechnology Journal (EUCHEMBIOJ) releases two issues semiannually in January and July, and publishes high quality articles on a rolling basis.  All accepted articles are published online as soon as they are prepared as part of EUCHEMBIOJ's ongoing rolling publication schedule.